Bid or Buy Silent Auction

Beautiful Bountiful Baskets

Created with Love by our Parishioners

Nov. 6, 3 pm - 6 pm
Nov. 7, 9 am - 2 pm
Nov. 8, 1 pm - 3 pm
Church address and tel # above
All proceeds always go to charity.
PURPOSE: Continue, during these COVID times, to help those people we have helped in the past and others  who may need  our help more than ever this year.  
This year the proceeds from this Auction will be divided between three very worthwhile local charities. They are: 
  1. Survive First Foundation in Cocoa Beach is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping first responders and their families who are in need of mental health support due to COVID -19, PTSD, or other issues.

  2. Family Promise of Brevard has a mission to end family homelessness in Brevard County by collaborating with the community to provide families the support and resources they need to put themselves on a path towards long term housing stability by achieving self-sufficiency and lasting independence.

  3. The Central Brevard Sharing Center is an emergency assistance program based in Cocoa, Florida. The organizations purpose is to provide comprehensive assistance through a variety of programs directed at immediate relief for individuals and families in crisis as well as ongoing support, counseling, educational referral and advocacy. Additionally, they operate a thrift shop, a food pantry and serve daily meals.

OUTREACH:  For a complete list of those who we regularly support, and to learn more about the special Brevard County Award we received in January, 2020, please go to the Outreach page of this Website.
We hope that next Fall we can continue to have our successful Live and Silent Auction in the parish hall of St. David's Church. 
We abide by COVID guidance and ask that you wear a mask and social distance while visiting our church. Hand sanitizer stations are also available.

Instructions for viewing the baskets below: 

1. Click on  one of the images below. The image will expand.

2. You may click the > to stream through the baskets. With each basket, you will see the basket name, its designated number, its value and a list of items included in the basket, a bidding price and a buying price. 

3.  By clicking the diagonal arrows in the upper left corner, you may enlarge the image of the basket. Click those arrows again to go back to the expanded view. 

4. Click X  to return to the gallery page. 

5. Note on paper the baskets you wish to bid on and purchase. 

6. With your noted paper in hand, visit St. David's by the Sea Parish Hall on Friday, Nov. 6 (3pm - 6 pm, Saturday, Nov. 7 (9 am - 2 pm) and Sunday, Nov. 8, (1 pm - 3 pm) to bid and buy your baskets. 

8. You may purchase your baskets with cash, check or credit card. 

Keep your baskets for yourself, Take them apart and give items as holiday gifts or hostess gifts. 


BASKETS: You may preview the 72 baskets so you can make a good choice before going to the church, please see instructions to the right to help stream through the baskets and items below. 

You will see there is a buying price. So, if you prefer, you may just buy baskets and forgo the bidding process.